Embellish your home with one of our state-of-the-art wall plates or set your table in white and gold with one of our new ensembles for the table or simply decorate with GLORIA. We recommend the following care and handle instructions for your porcelain pieces - to ensure that you enjoy our products for a very long time.



Please handle all products with special care. Stickers or glue onto a gold layering will leave marks. Do not use chemicals or rub with sharp objects on the product, it will scratch the surface or destroy gold coatings. It is always recommendable to clean your products in luke warm water using soft soap and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth.

Microwave suitable

All items with gold decorations are not microwave suitable. All other items are suitable for use in the microwave.


Dishwasher use of any gold decorated item should be avoided - we recommend to clean your products in luke warm water with soft soap and dry it carefully with a soft cloth.The manufacturer of the gold indicates though that the soft cycle, using soft detergent in the dishwasher is safe for up to 100 single wash cycles without any harm to the product. Especially for the new lines with gold decorations, they can be carefully put into the dishwasher, if necessary.