Porcelain and everything related to it is deeply rooted in the family's history of Porcelain Manufactory GLORIA.


Anton Weidl Senior

The father of GLORIA's founder, Anton Weidl senior, was himself porcelain painter and head of the painting department of Porcelain Manufactory Gieshübel, Sudentenland, today Czech Republic. He already founded Porcelain Manufactory Anton Weidl 1913 in Falkenau. He had 8 children - three sons alone learnt the trade of porcelain from scratch. When his father had to take part in the war in 1917, Anton was forced to take over the business alone.

In 1920, Anton founded the company Anton Weidl, Porcelain Manufactory GLORIA together with his brother Ernst in Altrohlau near Carlsbad, since the city was world-famous for its porcelain. All necessary raw materials for the production of porcelain were available there. The Porcelain Manufactory GLORIA became one of the biggest manufactories of the time with its unique products - which were already then sent into the whole world. The sale of GLORIA products in retail stores of spa resorts such as Carlsbad or Franzensbad also considerably increased turn over.

The Second World War was responsible for decisive changes. Anton and Ernst worked very hard to preserve the jobs of their long-term and excellent employees. Parts of the company's buildings were used for war preparations, operations were limited and the shipment of goods became nearly impossible. 1945, the company was confiscated and in 1946, the family was expulsed from its homeland. The factory with the 100 employees was left behind. The family found a new home in Bayreuth, GLORIA's current premises. From nothing, only equipped with his expertise for the refinement of porcelain, Anton re-built the factory. Together with a small team of specialists from the old homeland, the craftsmanship became alive again. All the old designs and pattern lost during the war, were developed anew. At that time, Anton laid the basis for a unique collection of porcelain articles and received a great reputation for his products famous to this day.


Horst Weidl

In 1977, Anton's son Horst Weidl took over the management of the company. Horst also learned the trade from bottom up since his earliest childhood and acquired outstanding expertise and know-how. Horst upheld the family tradition and continued to build on GLORIA's success. GLORIA products were exported into the whole world. He expanded the unique range of wall plates and decorative porcelain further and always followed up on his life's work with greatest commitment and love to the handmade product until his death beginning of 2014.